by St Paul's Collegiate School

Rowers continue season at North Island Club Champs

Over the weekend of 24-27 January 2020, the North Island Club Champs (NICC) regatta was held at Karapiro, with SPC rowers getting into 13 x A finals and seven x B finals.

All 51 rowers in the St Paul's club competed in the four-day NICC Regatta with excellent results. It was fantastic to see the hard work over three camps during the holiday break rewarded with 13 A finals and 7 B finals and six crews on the podium receiving medals in age group and club grades. These events were: Men's Intermediate Coxed 8 (Club), Girls Under 17 Single Skull (School), Boys Under 15 Coxed 8 (Club), Women's Novice coxed 4 (Club) and Girls Under 16 double skull (School). This is a fantastic result considering there were 38 clubs and a total of 2309 rowers competing with over half of them being adults. They have now increased to a minimum of 10 training sessions per week as they head into the business end of the season with another camp, Junior Regatta, NISS Regatta and MAADI in the next seven weeks.

The following crews had podium finishes as follows:

Men’s Intermediate Coxed 8 (Tom Matthews, Luther Yates, Tom Haycock, Matthew Waddell, Riley Wills, Lewis Yetsenga, Campbell Colquhoun, Henry McLean-Bluck – Sam Ward [Cox]) - 1st Place – Gold Medal Time of 6:31:03 minutes

Girls’ Under 17 Single Scull (Brea McDonald) - 2nd Place – Silver Medal Time of 8:50:34 minutes

Boys’ Under 15 Coxed 8 (Joe Harcourt, Logan Spencer, James Waddell, Dylan Thomas, Jack Ruske, William Milne, Hugh Kennedy, Gane Harbutt – George Mackintosh [Cox]) - 3rd Place – Bronze Medal Time of 6:52:08 minutes

Men’s Novice Coxed 8 (Hetekia Te Ua, Riley Wills, Jack Ruske, Dylan Thomas, James Waddell, William Milne, Hugh Kennedy, Matthew Waddell – George Mackintosh [Cox]) - 2nd Place – Silver Medal Time of 6:43:14 minutes

Women’s Novice Coxed 4 (Alexis McClennan, Olivia Dunn, Jessica Scatchard, Belinda Wright – Oliver McIver [Cox]) - 3rd Place – Bronze Medal Time of 8:24:97 minutes

Girls’ Under 16 Double Skull (Leah Weck, Awatea Gudgeon) - 2nd Place – Silver Medal Time of 8:38:32 minutes