by St Paul's Collegiate School

Running for resilence

As the Tihoi intake one of 2020 settles into the new year, the boys run training has begun. Running has always been a part of my life due to several key and very valid reasons:
  • You can run anywhere at anytime
  • Everyone can run - it is a basic human movement
  • Inexpensive - all you need is shoes, shorts and a t-shirt
  • Cardio exercise
  • Mental health - you can zen out on your run

Running the off-track trails at Tihoi is as much about the physical challenge as it is the mental. At 3.30 pm on Tihoi days, the students and staff head out on one of our many running tracks. The variety is fabulous - hills, farms, bush, 4WD trails and within minutes of starting the heart is pumping and the mind is clearing. The journey of running at Tihoi is massive for every fitness level. The familiar first 1km uphill is only just the start with the stamp box, the first milestone on the journey ahead; from here many trails extend into the bush and many boys have gained fitness, confidence, happiness and developed resilience on these trails.

Intake one have started building their fitness to get to the stamp box without stopping - the first challenge, as the goal of running a half marathon awaits. Beginning the training with the new intake is about running for resilience - blackberry, ferns, branches hang over the trails - an excuse to stop if you need one. Getting one’s heart rate up and forgetting about the day and enjoying the bush.

Intake two 2019 witnessed every Tihoi boy complete the challenging off-road half marathon at Kinloch. 65 boys running twenty one kilometres off-road. A great feat requiring that goal, determination, perseverance and resilience. If it was a choice many would not choose to do it but as a personal challenge most don’t want to be the one who does not take up the challenge. To be resilient is withstanding or even thriving on stressors or adversity. This is what Tihoi is about and running achieves all of this every day. The goal increases as the weeks pass with the milestones of the 4km, 7km, 14km and finally the half marathon to gauge progress, maintain motivation and get the rewards. If you can run that, why wouldn’t you - get out there - set a goal and feel GREAT.