Karen Young - Helping young people find their brave

Parenting Seminar - Helping young people find their brave

Anxious kids are brave kids. They are creative, thoughtful and have the potential to light the world on fire – every one of them, often in unexpected ways. When anxiety takes hold though, it’s overwhelming.

It can shut down their potential, their engagement with the world and their self-belief. Anxiety feels awful and life can become all about avoiding it. But the good news is anxiety can be managed so that it stays in the background and out of the way. For anxious kids, the important adults in their lives are powerful allies in helping to make this happen. Karen will talk through parenting strategies to help you empower your child or teen to ‘find their brave’ and uncover the strength in their anxiety.

Waikato independent schools St Peter's, Southwell School and St Paul's present Psychologist, speaker and author, Karen Young. 

Wed 1 April
St Peter's Cambridge Auditorium
Tickets - $10
Book online or phone 0508 iTICKET (484 253)

As a psychologist Karen has worked in private practice and educational and organisational settings. She has an Honours degree in Psychology and a Masters in Gestalt Therapy. Karen is the founder of Hey Sigmund, the website dedicated to bringing the science of psychology to the art of being human. She has two children and two stepchildren and lives in Australia.