by St Paul's Collegiate School

Internal staff changes in 2020

This year we have made a number of internal staff changes:

Mr Jeremy Coley (Deputy Headmaster with specific responsibility for academics) was previously our Director of Teaching and Learning. He joined St Paul’s in 2006 and in 2008 took over the role of Head of English. He has twice been Acting Assistant Headmaster – for six weeks in 2018 and Term One, 2019. Jeremy gained his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Waikato and is well respected amongst our staff.

Mrs Helen Bradford, who has taken on additional responsibilities, changes her role from Assistant to Deputy Headmaster.

Mr Josh Hay, who joined us as the Director of Sports Development in November 2017 takes over the position of Director of Extra-Curricular Activities (DECA), vacated with the retirement of Mr Peter Gilbert at the conclusion of 2019.

Mr Keegan Stewart takes over as Deputy Housemaster of Hall House from Mr Ben van Meygaarden.

Mr Neil Muirhead takes over as Housemaster of School House from Mr Andrew Gibbs, who has taken up the role of LOC Physical Education and Health.

Mr Roger Bell, for 2020, will take over as Assistant Housemaster of Harington Day House (due to Mrs Stacey Stewart’s absence for maternity leave). This is a role that Roger has managed ably a number of times in the past.

Mr Cameron Stapleton takes over as Assistant Housemaster of Clark House from Mr Tim Carpenter.

Reverend Peter Rickman is undertaking study for his Diploma of Teaching at the University of Massey during 2020 and apart from when he is on his practicum placements (the second of which will most likely be at St Paul’s), he will normally be present onsite Monday to Thursday, with qualified teacher and chaplaincy intern, Mrs Zavier Searle covering for him on Fridays. In Term 2, we will have the benefit of a second chaplaincy intern, when Mr Matt Pickering joins us.

Mrs Heidi Lewis has taken up the Assistant HOF of English position vacated by Mrs Andrea Dela Rue’s departure to take up a promotion at St John’s College.

A new Gap Tutor, Mr Kyle Coles, has joined us from his native South Africa. His sports of choice are rowing and rugby.