2019 senior speech champion, Miah McDonald by Andrew Constable

Orator extraordinaire Miah McDonald named 2019 senior speech champ

The 2019 Senior Speech Finals were held in the latter half of Term 3. Out of an impressive field of 14 competitors, four students were selected to compete in the final.

The selection process was no easy task, with all of the students involved in the semi-finals, speaking to a very high standard. Out of the 14 semi-finalists who participated, seven Year 12 students also took the time to deliver their speeches to the judges. The level of expertise and enthusiasm with which these students delivered their speeches, certainly bodes well for the future of public speaking at St Paul’s Collegiate School.

The four finalists, Macy Coffin, Isaac West, Julia McLean and Miah McDonald (all Year 13) mastered the gift of oratory and wowed the audience with their opinions on an array of topical issues.

Macy spoke on identity and knowing oneself; Isaac spoke on inspirational and identity-defining music; and Julia, on pollution and that we have a moral responsibility to prevent it.

However, there could be only one victor, which was Miah McDonald, with his convincing and expertly delivered speech on fake news. Miah was named the 2019 Senior Speech Champion.