Waikato Mens' Hockey team by St Paul's Collegiate School

St Paul's staff, students and Collegians represent Waikato Mens' Hockey team at national tournament

A large portion of staff, students and Collegians made up the Waikato Mens' Hockey team at the National Hockey Championships that took place in Dunedin from 11-17 September. The St Paul's-affiliated team members were as follows:


  • Lincoln Churchill (Coach)
  • Matt Rees-Gibbs
  • Daniel Scanlon


  • Matthew Ruetsch (Year 13)


  • Glenn Eyers (School 2014-2017)
  • Stuart Pitu (School 2003-2007) - Assistant Coach
  • Benjamin Tanner (Hamilton 2004-2007)
  • Garrick Du Toit (Clark 2016-2017)

Due to injuries during the tournament, both Stu Pitu and Lincoln Churchill played in the final match. This meant the age difference between student Matt Ruetsch and Lincoln Churchill was 26 years. The team finished the tournament in fifth place overall, congratulations!