Beth Clearwater, Jolin Yang, Nuo Chen and Shodai Kagawa by St Paul's Collegiate School

EVolocity St Paul's take third place at EVolocity National Challenge

Throughout this year, St Paul's has been working on the 2022 EVolocity challenge. This is a national competition involving groups of students to build an electric bike to compete against other schools in their region. In the inaugural event for the school, the team worked well together and completed a great-looking bike that performed well and was ready for the competition day. 

On  Monday 17 October, the team of Beth Clearwater (Year 12), Nuo Chen (Year 12), Shodai Kagawa (Year 12) and Jolin Yang (Year 12) assembled their bikes with other Waikato schools at the Hamilton Gokart track for race day. The bike passed the scrutineering process, and we were ready for the three events: gymkhana, drag race and efficiency test. The team were also judged on the design, use and understanding of the materials used.

An exceptional effort from St Paul's where the team took away the following awards:

  • First place in the efficiency test
  • Third place in the overall competition

Well done to the EVolocity team!