Tihoi is going back to basics with milk bottles by Tihoi Venture School

Back to basics in the name of sustainability at Tihoi

Within the realm of our back to basics philosophy at Tihoi, we continue to strive for improvement and sustainability.

This month has seen the re-introduction of glass milk bottles for the boys’ houses. The clank of milk bottles heading to and from the boys’ houses is now a regular sound as they enjoy colder fresh milk out of a bottle. 

This fits nicely into our philosophy and has made a significant impact on waste plastic in the centre for recycling. It is interesting to reflect on ‘progress’ and how twenty years ago, the move to plastic milk bottles was seen as significant progress for society and now this is reversing. Tracking and being aware of our environmental footprint, is a part of the full back to basics philosophy of this programme. 

The 2019 first intake students have learnt the environmental care code in the bush. Staff teach students to take pride in leaving a place better than it was first found. Our regularly used campsites are well maintained and it is a privilege the water in the Pureora Forest Park can still be drunk directly from the stream.