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Rice - RIDS
Photo by Brendan Biggs

Rice - RIDS

Brendan Biggs —

RIDS Mentoring

The RIDS mentoring group was filled with students of all age groups and different walks of life. The student’s interests ranged from the elite gaming to becoming future sporting superstars. A highlight for the year in this mentor class was the multiple shared lunches. This gave the boys an opportunity to bring something to share and interact in activities with other members in the mentoring group. We set up weekly competitions with MCPB ranging from activities such as kick tennis to indoor paper cricket. I am glad to say that we dominated in every competition, proving the skill and team work within the group. We ended up establishing a positive relationship with MCPB that resulted in two mentor groups becoming one. Looking onwards to next year, we see Francis Verbo and Joshua Green complete their last year at St Thomas’. Both boys have been assets to our mentor group, due to their leadership and role modelling they display everyday to our the juniors. It is great to see our new students (Patrick Riley and Brooklyn Prescott) mixing with the rest of the group as if they had known them for years. I wish the group a safe and happy holiday, it is a privilege to be your mentor and I look forward to picking up where we left off.