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Rice - RIMA
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Rice - RIMA

Brendan Biggs —

RIMA Class report

We are class that is diverse interesting and unique from any other form class. Rima is organised by the amazing teacher Margaret Guerin who organises shared lunches and activities for the Friday mentoring session. These 50 minute mentoring sessions of Friday allow students to interact and become involved in how they think that the school should deal with the recent issues. Rima has a person from every part of the school that contributes to the overall atmosphere of the class. This form class consists of students who all have different talents that contribute to the overall success.

Joseph Potoi: This year Joseph has developed his musical talent and has been allowed to use the recording studio.

Elliot Bartels: He has had the privilege to be on the 2015 China trip and has enjoyed being involved in sporting actives at school.

Ben O’Connell: He has had the privilege to be on the 2015 China trip. He has also excelled in learning Chinse by being awarded a scholarship to travel to China for a month and attend a Chinese high school.

Connor Hibbs: This year Connor has contributed to Rice’s house culture by being involved and enthusiastic on athletics day and swimming sports. He has also represented Ellesmere for country rugby.

Phelix Woods: He has represented Canterbury for Cricket. He also enjoys coming to form class to interact with students that are outside his year group.

Hamish Just-Alsop: his team got first in division 5 football. He has also enjoyed becoming involved in academic work at school.

Zach Riordan: he has represented Elsmere for country rugby.

Ezra Cossar: he has represented my year level in Cantamaths competition.

Sam Wright: he has represented Elsmere for country rugby. He also makes a positive contribution to RIMA by being involved and enthusiastic.

Harrison Butler: He contributes top quality banter.

Lachlan Gaudin: One of our two Year 13 students who have led us this year. Lachlan is a talented musician and had lead roles in the STC/Villa musical “Hello Dolly” and the MUSOC production of “Grease”.

Max Hutchinson: Max, our other Year 13 student, is another talented musician who helped take Rice House to first place in the Battle of the Bands with his guitar solo. He also took responsibility for organising our amazing fund raising efforts in the Special Character Week Fair.

We wish Lachlan and Max every success in the future and thank them for their contributions to RIMA.

Thomas Dravitzki