Hero photograph
Photo by Lynley Gibson

International Students Trip to Quail Island

Elizabeth Kennedy —

ESOL Trip by Yuta Kihara

We went to Quail Island with the ESOL class in March. We first went to Lyttelton from St Thomas in Mr Lafdal’s Tesla with Masa, Jett and Peter. After the comfortable drive, I had a delicious pie which I bought at the pie shop in Lyttelton.

We took a ferry to Quail Island and first visited the beach. After we saw a nice sight, we hiked to the top of the hill. It was easier to walk than I thought, so I ran to the top of the hill with Masa all the way to the top. The view from there was good.

As we waited for the boat to go back to Lyttelton, Ryo’s cap flew into the water. The boat crew tried to get it when the boat launched, but they failed. I wonder where the cap is floating now? I was surprised when I saw Panama’s flag on a ship when we got back to Lyttelton.

The fish and chips I had for lunch in Lyttelton was really good.

It was a really nice trip and I was happy that I knew about some history of Quail Island from ESOL class. I learned that Spanish flu patients were isolated on the island around 1918. Nobody lives on the island now though.