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Josh Smith - Community Leader
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Edmund Rice Community Report

Brendan Biggs —

Edmund Rice Community Leader

This year was full of great initiatives that were carried on from the year previous and new ones started as well. The main focus for the year was the Peer Tutoring system. This is when students from the year 13 group volunteer some of their study periods to go into junior classes in their chosen field and aid the teacher with classroom management and to help the junior students learn. With more than half of the whole year 13 group volunteering some time during the week to help with junior classes it was a real success this year. The science and maths classes for year 7,8,9 and 10 were some of the classes helped by the Peer Tutors and also Some Peer Tutors also offering their help for the NCEA Level 1 and 2 classes. As well as the Peer Tutoring System this year there was also the Food Bank which was a collection run through lunchtimes on different days of the week. This collection took in any donated left over food from students that were non-perishable. Then on Friday the collection was taken to the Salvation Army collection in Hornby to by donated. This was a great initiative as it was a good way to help out our community.

One of my favourite parts of the year was the 'Man of the Week' award. This was an award that was presented each week in the school Assembly on Friday. It was presented to a student that best represented the STC values sometime during that week. Some of highlights were students who stopped to assist broken down vehicles near school, students who helped nearby homes in the community like the Old Peoples Home next to school or students who cared for and called ambulances for people who had inured themselves in the community. All of these different initiatives throughout the year were carried out very well by all the students from school and contributed tremendously to the school values and school spirit. I had a great time this year and look forward to hearing about the continuation of this legacy.

Josh Smith