Hero photograph
Rice - Kieran Coll and Tovia Fui
Photo by Brendan Biggs

Rice House - Dean's Report

Brendan Biggs —

3rd place overall

Rice House Dean’s Report 

At the very first house meeting at the beginning of the year, the challenge was laid down to members of the house to contribute and build on the Rice House legacy which had been finely developed by former house leader Keri Campbell, after winning the previous two years.

In typical Rice House fashion, we bombed out early in the year. We finished last in the two main events of the year, swimming and athletics. The majority of the points that we accumulated which kept us in the game were through share numbers at each event, which was a reflection of the enjoyment and support of the event. Whilst there were some outstandingly dressed houses, we could not help but feel hard done by when it came to the judgement of the chant, as we were tucked away down the far end of the pool on a windy day which affected the acoustics.

On a stinking hot athletics day, it was more of the same in terms of results, seeing us fall behind in performance points. However, it was great to see the house leaders take some initiative in encouraging all house students to participate in an event. This department was well lead by Ethan Munro. Tovia and the house leaders came to the party with the chants which resulted in a second placing. That was backed up by an impressive showing in the house relay which saw Will Bartels bring home the beacon for the silver medal.

We managed to pull back a lot of house point throughout the “Bruce Challenges”, which was well organised by Tovia. We had a number of pleasing results in a number of events following which included 1st’s in the house relay, ice block challenge, debating, Chess, and battle of the bands. The house showed their class and character when it came to the “raid the pantry” challenge. Here there were points allocated for each item of food that was donated to a charity, where the boys finished in 2nd. For me, the highlight of the year was the “tug-o-war”. Here, the boys made the final through the disqualification of Mclintock, and overcame an earlier loss and immediate deficit to eat a spirited Joyce team.

The last big event of the year came on special character week, which included house hakas and songs. A lot of practices went on in the lead up to this day, which Tovia and the house leaders did a superb job in. Although the end result didn’t go our way, it wasn’t through lack of effort and passion possessed by the house as a collective. Tovia was somewhat awarded with the immense effort he had put in to the house for this day with a 2nd placing out of the house haka Kaia’s.

A number of thanks to mention. All the house leaders did an exceptional job all year with their coordination and motivating the house members to jump out of their comfort zone and participate in events. Tovia Fui was an inspiration. A man of many talents, with leadership at the top of the list. It has been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for him. Lastly, I would like to thank the house tutors for their support throughout the year in various areas of STC life.

I am incredibly excited with what 2016 has to offer for Rice house. We look forward to the challenges it brings, and the new house leaders rising to new challenges and responsibilities.

Carpe diem … Kieran Coll