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McClintock House Report 

Brendan Biggs —

Winners 2015


McClintock House Report

This year the green machine kicked back in to life after a nice summer break. From day 1 our house leader Tane Luafutu was keen to put a stamp on the house comp and boy did he do that. Not only did we have a strong day in the pool, but we also dominated in a very warm athletics day. This week and a half set us up beautifully for the year.

As the year worked its way towards special character week Tane and his trusty year 13 support crew worked hard with the house to pick up as many Friday lunch time challenges as possible. Entering the final week of term 2 we were in the lead and eager to hold on. Friday came along and with it arguably one of the biggest moments in McClintock history. The men in green performed one of the most stirring and vocal hakas I had ever seen. Tane begun by slamming a wooden rifle (not real) on the judges’ table to indicate the challenge they were going to lay down, and they did not disappoint. Awarded 1st in the haka and 2nd in the song, McClintock stepped up on special character day and said this year will be ours. Special mention must also go to Ryan Adamson for his work while Tane was away in term 2 without him we may not have had the same success. We farewell some extremely talented year 13 McClintock men this year and welcome the 2015 year 12 crew and Xavier Ngaata as our new leader. In a year where our beloved All Blacks went black2black it is only fitting these men lead us forward in 2016 endeavouring to go back to back too.

Paul Burton
Dean of McClintock

McClintock – Leader’s Report (2nd in charge)

What a year it has been for McClintock. 2015 saw us reassert our position at the top of the leader board, back in our rightful place. Being selected into the juggernaut which is McClintock way back at the start of my STC days and hearing the McClintock legacy of being the best house in the school, made me understand the pride, house spirit and rivalry that is seen in the house competition. McClintock is seen as one of the more dominant houses at STC which is achieved through the passion shown by all students and staff. 2015 was no different. This year, led by our inspirational and passionate leader Tane Luafutu, we were destined for great things.

t the start of the year there was a quiet air of confidence within the Year 13 senior students. This soon spread throughout the whole house and The Green Machine was buzzing with the excitement as to what 2015 would bring. We wanted to right the wrong from the previous years, coming 3rd the last two years, and our last win coming in 2012. We started off the year on a high note with a great result in one of our weaker events, Swimming Sports, coming 2nd which gave us a lot of confidence to build on for the rest of the year. We knew that this was going to be our year. Notching up another win on Athletics Day, an event in which we have dominated for numerous years, put us in a strong position to win back the trophy. We also continued to put together good results in other events during the year including Bruce Challenges, Chants and Tug of War.

The last major event of the year was STC Day which included the haka and singing competitions. We knew that we needed to continue to put in the hard work and determination if we wanted to cap off 2015 in style. And did we just, taking out the haka competition on STC Day and coming 2nd in singing. These results confirmed our place atop the ladder and champions for 2015. The McClintock Legacy is back on track and in good hands, with more promising results just around the corner.

Ryan Adamson