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Year 7 Camp
Photo by Brendan Biggs

Year 7 Camp

Brendan Biggs —

Camp – Year 7

Year 7 camp was a big highlight for the students of 7T and 7H this year. In the last week of term 4, the boys all headed off to Hanmer where they were thrust into a 4 and a half hour tramp straight out of the bus. Mid tramp the boys came across a water fall and the challenge was thrown out to the boys to see who could stand under it the longest. Apart from the pressure of the water falling, the temperature was freezing considering it was melted snow making its way down the mountain. It was all made better by a visit to the hot pools to soak and relax, well that was the theory. The fact that it was 26 degree’s meant for chaos in the freshwater pools.

Over the next few days the boys completed mountain biking through the many tracks of the forest, navigating the forest using a map for orienteering (only one group got lost) and finally being challenged to work in a group environment to accomplish many practical problem solving activities.

It was a great camp and the boys were well fed and hydrated. A big thanks to Mr Muir, Mr Smith and Mr Wang for helping lead groups and direct the boys through the dishes process.

Mr Milne