by Lynley Gibson

Cantamaths 2022

It was a fantastic opportunity for the STC boys to be able to take part, and a valuable experience in learning to deal with nerves when under pressure. As one of the parents said to their son, it's not just about the winning, but also about taking part. 

Our Maths department is very proud of all the STC Cantamaths boys for giving it their best effort tonight (Wednesday 24 August).

The following are the 2022 STC Cantamaths teams:

Year 7 Team:

Luke Gumley

Oli Simmons

Angus Feary

Ethan Richardson

Year 8 Team:

Harry Gallagher

Dylan Tullett (Year 7, however Dylan will join in Year 8 team)

Kaelen Smith

Lachlan Pikia (Year 7, however Lachlan will join in Year 8 team)

Year 9 - Team 1:

Samuel Amaris

Gabe Wells

Joshua Glass

Jeno Chae

Year 9 - Team 2:

Hunter Taylor

Nathan Kilday

Will Floyd

Year 10 Team:

Jett Moon

Matthew Aguilar

George Warren

Ben Chapman

Marcus Quinanola