Hero photograph
Photo by Rachael Hamilton


Scott Boniface —

Friday the 20th May, Pink Shirt Day, was a huge success for SBS led by our fantastic leaders.

The day began with the collection of money outside the school gates and continued with a wonderful "Pink" assembly. They managed to present Mrs Naylor with our new Popcorn machine that was purchased after fundraising from earlier in the term.

The leaders then went to the junior classes as they had organised scavenger hunts that ultimately led them to our gold coin trail. after careful placement of the coins, they began getting all of the sausages cooked and ice cream bars ready for lunchtime. 

After everyone had eaten their sausages and ice cream bars, it was time to continue some of the Pink Shirt Day activities back in class. 

A huge thank you to all of our leaders and we are donating $197 to a wonderful cause.