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Photo by Rachael Hamilton

Stylefit Winter Writing Competition

Rachael Hamilton —

Last year we ran a National Student Lockdown Writing Competition with the aim of making writing fun and keeping students engaged with learning throughout our lockdowns (https://www.stylefit.org/competition/).

Our aim is to give students an exciting opportunity to get creative, while also improving their writing skills, so they’ll get the chance to use the Stylefit tool and submit with a screenshot of the analysis!

- We set up a free Stylefit trial licence for your school, class, or the individual students interested
- Each student gets their own writing account under the licence, please contact anna@stylefit.org to register

Age groups
- Entries are grouped into: Y4, Y5-6, Y7-8, Y9-10, Y11-13.
- Each group has their own amazing judge (we’ve invited NZ-based published authors and educators!)
- We have two visual+written prompts for each category, but students can also choose their own topic!
- Submission deadlines are:
Fri 9th July for Years 4-8
Fri 5th August for Years 9-13
- There are incredible prizes to be won for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category