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Photo by Rachael Hamilton

Room 5 have been practising their writing skills.

Rachael Hamilton —

In class, they have been writing about their fantastic Easter holidays.

My Easter 

I was jumping on the trampoline and then I had to collect Easter eggs. When we got back to the actual house my dad had all of his toys from when he was young. There was Star Wars figurines like Chewbacca, Han Solo and Princess Lea and Bossk. We got 24 easter eggs then we went out for lunch and Dad and I got stamps- Baillie G

My Easter Holidays

On Easter, Emma had a sleepover with me. We had a big Easter egg. In the morning we had an Easter egg hunt and I found the most eggs. We had lots of fun and we stayed up till 10 0'clock and played lots of fun games. We ate chocolate after breakfast!- Sophia A

Easter Holidays 

I went to the Hilton Hotel and there was a pool and a gym, we stayed for one day. It was really fun and there was mini golf. We went out for dinner in the viaduct. In the morning we went on electric scooters to breakfast and after that, we went back to the hotel. I went in the pool with my mum and dad but it was really cold so we didn't stay in for very long. Then we went out for teppanyaki dinner!-Mila L