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Photo by Rachael Hamilton

Give a Kid A Blanket

Rachael Hamilton —

Thank you for all your generous donations so far... However, we would still like more! We are now in our final week and donations will not be accepted after Wednesday 6 July.

The Give a Kid a Blanket charity collects donations of warm bedding and delivers them to families in need.

This year's stock is running low and the charity is asking for help. Stanley Bay School is delighted to have our school community as a project supporter and a designated drop off point.

Please leave all donations in the office:

We will be collecting blankets, wraps, sleeping bags, and duvets. Pjs, dressing gowns and slippers too. Please bring all items, clean and washed, to the office collection point.

Give a Kid a Blanket started in 2015 as a Community Activated Art Action conceived and lead by artists Donna Turtle Sarten & Bernie Harfleet. The project has gone from strength to strength and is now a nonprofit registered charity.

With the help of the community of kindness that has gathered around the project, they collect clean blankets and other items of warmth. Then gift them to vulnerable children and their families through service providers including police, public health nurses, social and community workers.

Since 2015 we have gifted over 60,000 blankets and over 40,000 other objects of warmth and care. We also support North Shore and Auckland Hospital’s Intensive Care Units with family support packs. This year they are collecting until July 19.

This project aims not only to support kids and families in need, but also encourages all our learners to reflect on kindness and community, and how they can be part of positive community action.