Hero photograph
Photo by Rachael Hamilton

Stanley Bay Basketball

Ethan Rasmussen —

Another fantastic night of Stanley Bay Basketball finals action! We had four of our teams in Grand Final action, along with a handful of other teams representing our school in 3rd / 4th playoff matches!

The evening started off with the Cheetahs having a tight grand final, but just coming out second best in a 6-10 loss to Bayview Tuatara. Having been the only all-girls team in a boys and girls league they did incredibly well!

Straight after this match, we saw the Bears take on St Joseph's in a top division grand final nailbiter! Having been down by 4 points at halftime, the boys clawed back and won the 8-6! An epic golden effort from the boys!

The Scorpions were next with a tough game! Having beaten their arch rivals Campbell’s Bay in a buzzer beater in a previous round - this game was going to be tough. And despite an excellent effort, the Campbell’s bay team held us scoreless in a great defensive effort! 8-0 loss, but a fantastic season nonetheless - the Scorpions were unbeaten up until this point! Ka Pai!

The Stanley Bay Smashers had the final game of the evening and were up against the Ponsonby Primary Rockets. Even though the boys played tremendously well, the boys in blue came off second best. 4-2 to Ponsonby, but securing second place overall which is a brilliant achievement.

Stars finished their season off with a 14-8 victory over the Willow Park Knights. These girls mostly all began playing this season and have grown so much! Each one playing now with confidence, tenacity and bravery throughout each game. So impressed!

Dolphins, our year 5 girls team made a valiant effort all season long. A mixture of new players and experienced. Many awesome moments, from Juliette catching the ball with her face, Clementine’s steals and Jemima blocking the ball into the stands, this team played so well and is ready to take on next semester!

Hippos were the speedy ones! Zip-zap, here-there, these guys were quick, unlike the name. Having won 4 out of 7 games in League 4, the team has made a great achievement! They drew fourth equal but missed out on a semi-final spot by a few points! I’m sure you will be back, ready to take on the league again next season!

Stanley Bay Turtles finished with a 4-0 victory over Campbells Bay. Teamwork and passing is this team’s strength. League 3 for these young men, which was the toughest league we had entered into as Stanley Bay School, so well done for being so courageous. Some good decision making and positive smiles have made this team triumphant and grow strong. Looking ahead to next season!

So the season has officially come to a close. Semester 2 begins term 2, and will carry on through to the end of term 4. 

Looking forward to what is to come, grateful for the joy, laughter, smiles and cheering that was! What an epic season! 

Nga mihi Stanley Bay!