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NZ Curriculum Refresh

Lucy Naylor —

The NZ Curriculum refresh is phased from now until 2025, It is undoubtedly the most significant change in education since Tomorrow's Schools. An exciting time to be in education!

The refresh is designed for every child experiences success in their learning and that their progress and achievement are responded to and celebrated. Most importantly the refreshed curriculum will support the right of all ākonga, including those with disabilities and learning support needs, to experience rich and responsive learning.

The goals are;

  1. Honour our mutual obligations to and through Te Tiriti o Waitangi

  2. Create a curriculum that is inclusive so that all ākonga see themselves and succeed in their learning
  3. Make sure 'The New Zealand Curriculum' is clear about the learning that matters
  4. Make sure 'The New Zealand Curriculum' is easy to use

Work has begun this year, and we have already included elements of Aotearoa New Zealand's history content within our Social Sciences learning area. In addition, at the parent information evening a couple of weeks ago, we shared our approach to Mathematics and Statistics, which aligns with the curriculum refresh. Science, Technology and The Arts will be investigated in 2023, then Health and Physical Education and Learning Languages in 2024.

Each learning area will be explicit in its purpose, link to the updated Vision for Young People, and outline the learning that matters (Understand, Know, Do), and what progress in that learning looks like. It will provide teachers with clear actions and help them support all ākonga to succeed in their learning.

One of the most significant parts of the refresh is the learning area structure which clearly states what we want children to Know, Understand and Do. This progression model will be used instead of curriculum levels to measure progress and success. This ensures that for all ākonga, the learning that matters and how it contributes to the Vision for Young People is clearly outlined.

Image by: Lucy Naylor

Each thread of the Understand, Know, Do framework illustrated above has a separate focus. Teachers design learning experiences that weave these elements together so that student learning is deep and meaningful, creating the teaching that matters.

At this early stage of the refresh, many questions remain unanswered.  Of course, at Stanley Bay, as with any new shiny initiative, we will be making decisions in the best interests of our children and community....but what we have seen from the refresh so far looks promising and just what NZ education needs to take it to the next level. 

To find out more visit - MOE NZ Curriculum Refresh 

Mid-Year Written Reports

On Friday 1 July, your child's mid-year written report and assessment data will be available online. 

When you log onto your child's Spotlight portal there are three icons to view:

  • Assessment - this shows you your child's assessment data 
  • Reports - this is where you will find the Mid Year Written Report. This is a summary of their progress and achievement in the first two terms of 2022.  
  • Documents - this is information to help you understand and interpret the report

To access your child's Spotlight Portal: Parent Portal Access

If your child has only been at Stanley Bay for a short period of time you may receive your report via email.

Learner Conferences

On Tuesday 5th July 2-4.20 pm and Wednesday 6th July 3.20-6.10 pm we will be hosting Learner Conferences.

This year we invite you to spend some time before or after your conferences sharing some of your child's work. Children have selected work samples they would like to share with you, these will be set up outside each classroom. This is very much a part of the learner conference and we encourage you to spend some time looking at your child's learning - they do love an audience!  

To book a conference time please click here

or go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and enter code 4qkz8

Please note that as teachers will be involved in conferences from 2pm on Tuesday 5th July, school will close at 1.50pm

Sharing of Learning 

As we reach the end of another term, it is a time to celebrate our learning. You are invited to come along and find out what we have been getting up to this term:

Room 7,8 and 9 - Thursday 30 June, 2 - 3pm 

  • Room 7 - pest traps and sharing of new learning 
  • Room 8 - making/constructing items they have planned with parents
  • Room 9 - afternoon tea using citrus that the students will be planting around the school

Room 4, 5 and 6 - Thursday 30 June, 12 - 12.50 

  • Show and tell and a stroll through Garden to Table

Room 1,2,10,11,12  Thursday 30 June, 9-10 am

  • Room 1,2,12 - planting seeds, worm farms and composting
  • Room 10.11 - bees and pollination, as well as looking at how things grow

As always, you are warmly invited to come along to assembly. Next Friday 8 July, we will be having a special farewell assembly for Leah Taylor, come along and help us give her a hearty goodbye and all the best in her new adventures. I am sure the children will have something pretty special planned. 

Noho ora mai 

Lucy Naylor