Top Tips for Growing Mathematicians

As educators (you!) there are a few tips we can employ to make sure our children grow to be confident and capable mathematicians.
  1. Never praise children by telling them they are “smart.”
  2. Never share stories of math failure or even dislike.
  3. Always praise mistakes and say that you are really pleased that your child is making them.
  4. Encourage children to work on problems that are challenging for them, so that they can make mistakes.
  5. When you help your children, do not lead them through work step by step, as this takes away important learning opportunities for them.
  6. Encourage drawing whenever you can
  7. Encourage students to make sense of math at all times.
  8. Encourage students to think flexibly about numbers.

  9. Never time children or encourage faster work.
  10. When children answer questions and get them wrong, try and find the logic in their answers
  11. Give children math puzzles
  12. Play games

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