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A message from the Sports Department

Rachael Parker —

Rugby & Concussions:

Over the recent weeks, you may have noticed many discussions in the media around concussions, rugby and current study being undertaken around head knocks and advanced technology in mouth guards.

St Hilda's are always mindful of our player's welfare and ensuring that all students are being taught the right techniques in contact sport and also ways to deal with concussion if this was to occur.  We are please to report that our students will be part of the current NZR Community Concussion pathway. Players & Parents who consent to be involved will have:

  1. A baseline to help inform the GP around their clinical decision
  2. All GP visits for concussion sustained in rugby to the identified GPs will be free of charge

Girls will also be fitted with mouth guards from this study and worth $300 each.  Each mouthguard is fitted to the students and will send data to the researches on impacts to the head.

If you wish to know more about this pathway please contact us and we are more than happy to send more information.  

Reporting Injuries:  It is important that all injuries from SHCS players during school sport is reported to sports department and the hostel if they are a boarder student.  Please email rparker@shcs.school.nz

Image by: Rachael Parker

pic: SHCS students Grace Hastie and Jaymee Meffan being fitted for their mouth guards.

Committment & Load on students

This week, the sports department are becoming concerned with the commitment and load on many of our students. We are seeing many students signing up to many sports and we sit here thinking " how can they fit everything in and still do their study and have free time". As much as we love how our SHCS students give many sports a try, it's also an important aspect of our role to ensure student wellbeing is taken into consideration.

With winter sports well underway, it is also a time where Regional teams and tournaments are also being participated in. This week we have had girls indicated unavailability for school competitions because of representative trials, whilst this may be a one off event, there is still a lot of organisation from our end to sort this out as well as teams and coaches not having players available when they have committed to playing. Representative teams also have trainings and at the time of trialing this can be unknown to the girls until being named. I urge everyone to consider all factors when committing to everything.

Representing our region is important and in no way are we saying not to trial but it can be incredibly frustrating from our end to register school teams, organise coaches, send info and cost letters to parents and then start getting students pulling out because they have realised that they have over committed. Once fee letters have been sent and the competition has started, fees are not refundable. As parents, can you please talk to your child and ensure that they are keeping their week balanced and are still able to manage academic and sport load.

Thank you