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Photo by Isla Huffadine

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Isla Huffadine —

A reading from the poem “The Night Sky” by NZ poet Joy Cowley

Oh God, when I stand under the stars
I am filled with nameless awe
at the immensity of your presence
and I wonder how, in my daily thinking
I can make you so small.
Oh Holy One, the All of existence
How can I claim to know your mind?
How can my tiny words describe the Word
that brought this universe into being?
Could it be that I worship an idol
of my own making?
In your all-pervading presence, you know
The limitations of the human heart.
Have you given us this night sky,
this vision of galaxies growing and unfolding,
to remind us that we have two gods
one that we make in our image
and the One who made us?
Oh God, I stand under the stars
filled with nameless awe.

Hear what the Spirit is saying to us.

Thanks be to God.