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Amelia Hall
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Last Word

Isla Huffadine —

Amelia Hall

During lockdown, I had a lot of spare time and thought what better way to spend these weeks in self isolation than to binge-watch all 10 seasons of the famous TV sitcom, “Friends”. Watching all 236 episodes, I learnt that not only does Monica have a major OCD towards cleanliness, and Ross and Rachael were not on a break but I also learnt the importance of friendship.

Even though Friends premiered before all of us were even born, I found the antics of the group are still relatable today. The six characters on Friends were there for each other when they went through just about every life experience imaginable from relationship break-ups, career changes, love triangles, weddings, and divorce.

True friendship is something that is hard to express with words. For me, it is someone that you can be foolish together, cry together, and be mad at each other. You can tell them your secrets about your teenage crushes and heartbreaks, knowing it won’t spread to anyone else. Friends make you feel like you’re on the top of the world when you feel like you’re at the bottom of the heap.

For myself, there have been acts of friendship that I have treasured during my time at St Hilda’s. From the time I lost my confidence playing netball after an injury but my team continued to push me to get back on my feet, to the time I struggled to finish my PE internal but a friend helped me to complete it. When I felt like the world was against me and my friend let me use their shoulder to cry on, to the times my friends and I would talk for hours about what seemed like nothing but yet we had so much to say. And conversely, when there was nothing to talk about, there was no awkward silence between us.

Sometimes, I feel like my life is like a soap opera filled with drama and disappointments but friends can bring everything into perspective. The most important thing I have learnt from my friends is that I am never alone.

This is my seventh year at St Hilda’s, and I can tell you I have built many wonderful and long-lasting friendships throughout the years. Everyday I find myself grateful to be surrounded by good friends who may have seen me at my worst but they sure know how to bring out my best. I would like to end with the wise words of one of the characters from Friends, Phoebe Buffay, “Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but friendship is for life”.