Trinity Maydon by Isla Huffadine

Meet the Prefects

Trinity Maydon - Arts Prefect

St Hilda’s had always been my dream school, I had been coming to the open nights with my parents since the age of 7. I can still remember walking around at open night and being in complete awe of the school and the beautiful grown up girls in blue. I knew that this was the school that I wanted to go to and I was over the moon when I received the call from the school accepting my application. I entered St Hilda’s as a little year seven with my summer kilt that completely covered my feet and rocking my new side fringe that I thought would make me look older... It didn't. But still, I remember my first day and how excited I was walking through the school Archway for the first time as a St Hilda’s Student. It’s been a couple hundred times since I first walked through that Archway and I have grown so much as a person from my time here at St Hilda’s.

One of my biggest passions has always been dance, before coming to Hilda’s I had been dancing almost my entire life and one of the things that drew me to St Hilda’s was their Dance department. The chance to be able to dance as a school subject was a dream come true and the school also introduced me to a whole range of new dance styles in their extra curricular activities such as their hip hop crews and competitive sport aerobics. Before St Hilda’s I never knew what aerobics was, but because of Hilda’s it has become such a massive part of my life and I have been competing in it for the past 5 years. Starting off in the small rookie teams in Year 9 to competing my first year at Fisaf International level this year. St Hilda’s has helped me grow in my passion and has widened the opportunities in the area that I am passionate about.

I still remember seeing the Arts Prefects for the first time and falling in love with the role, making it my life time goal to one day become one, so it was not only an incredible honor but also a dream come true when my name was announced as Arts Prefect 2020. It has been amazing to represent the school in a role that I have such a special connection with and I have been incredibly lucky to be able to be a part of special things within our school community. I am extremely proud of the amazing Prefect team this year who have remained ambitious and determined through the crazy year that has been thrown at us. I am also very grateful to be able to work alongside Anna, who has become one of my closest friends in our role and has been so supportive, putting up with my crazy personality and my weird and wacky ideas.

My plans for next year still remain very airy, I am auditioning for the New Zealand School of Dance in Wellington which has been my dream goal from when I first started here at St Hilda’s. If I do not get accepted, I plan to stay here in Dunedin and possibly study Law as everyone thinks I am dramatic enough to be a Barrister... but I also have many passions for other things such as Journalism, Teaching, Fitness and Health, Communication and Performing Arts which I have to thank St Hilda’s for giving me the opportunities to such a wide spread of careers I could go into. But there are so many different and exciting things waiting for me next year and even though we are near the end of the year I still think it is too soon to decide where I want to take my life.

I have always had a massive passion for learning and being a student here at St Hilda’s I learnt so much, I have learnt about my independence and who I am as a person. I have learnt what it is to be a student at St Hilda’s and because of the amazing opportunities that have been presented to me, I have also learnt what it takes to be a leader. My time here at St Hilda’s has been filled with so many challenges but I am so thankful for every single one of them as they have all shaped me into the person I am today. Just as the cheesy quote says...

‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass... its learning to dance in the rain’