The Dancing Queens - Winners of the Secondary Fitness Teams category! by Isla Huffadine

NZCAF Nationals 2020

The NZCAF Nationals for 2020 were held in Dunedin last weekend. There were some incredible results from St Hilda's, all representing themselves and the school extremely well. We were all so proud of the girls, their hard work and patience over a disruptive year really paid off.

As well as the below results, St Hilda's won highest scoring school for a 5th consecutive year - woohoo!

Nationals Competitors:

Sophie Lloyd - Intermediate Individual

Sophie & Leisel - Intermediate Teams

Chloe Woodhouse - Secondary Junior Open

Sofia Johnston - Secondary Junior Open

Libby Challis - Secondary Novice Individual

Sasha Lamb - Secondary Novice Individual

Olivia Buchanan-Letts - Secondary Novice Individual

Maia Lamb - Secondary Senior Open

Issy Tierney - Secondary Senior Open

Zara Geddes - Secondary Junior Open Novice

Rylee May - Secondary Senior Open Novice

Emily Sutton - Secondary Senior Open Novice

Libby, Lucy & Maia - Novice Teams

Emily & Sophie - Novice Teams

Ellie & Frankie - Novice Teams

Sofia & Chloe - Secondary Teams

Sasha & Cassie - Secondary Teams

Dancing Queens (Bella, Emily, Izzy Johnston, Maia, Issy, Gabi Horo, Branwen Jones)

Trinity Maydon - FISAF Senior Women

National Results:

Maia Lamb 1st senior open individual, Artistic excellence trophy, most innovative choreography award

Isabella Tierney 2nd Senior open individual

Frankie & Ellie 3rd Secondary novice teams

Trinity Maydon 3rd Fisaf Senior women

Rylee May 3rd Senior open novice individual

Chloe Woodhouse 1st junior open individual

Sofia Johnston 2nd junior open individual

Dancing Queens 1st Secondary fitness teams

Sophie and Liesel 2nd Intermediate teams

Sofia and Chloe 2nd Secondary Open teams

SHCS highest scoring school!!


Sasha Lamb

Zara Geddes

Lucy, Libby and Maia

Frankie and Ellie

Sophie and Emily

Sasha and Cassie