Board of Trustees

This term has flown by once again. I know I keep saying that the years seem to go faster but this must absolutely be true of 2020 – a year that appears simultaneously to have been both the longest and the shortest on record.

Without some of the familiar rhythms to keep us grounded, this year has been a little different. The pandemic has required us to be more agile than ever before and many of the events and gatherings that reinforce our sense of community have had to be postponed or cancelled. As a Board, we have been very cognisant of the additional pressure this has placed on students, staff and the wider community and we have been actively looking at ways that we as a school can provide additional support as we navigate these uncharted waters.

In amongst that, it was a great privilege to join with the staff for morning tea a couple of weeks ago to congratulate them on the outstanding ERO report we received. While an overall rating of “strong” may sound a little underwhelming, this is the top category awarded by ERO and is worthy of a personal letter from the Minister of Education, such is the infrequency with which it is granted. It is a fantastic result and is testament to the vision, leadership and commitment of all of our staff.

As we move into the final term of the year, I want to remind you that we have our mid-term Board of Trustee elections coming up. Two positions are available on our Board and we would love to hear from anyone who wants to put themselves forward for these roles. Being on the Board provides an opportunity to shape the future and is a rewarding way to contribute to the life of the school. If you are interested in learning more please talk with any of our existing Board members or visit: