CCTV installation

Dear Parents and Caregivers

CCTV is to be installed on the school site over the holidays.

As you are aware, the school is on an exposed site, close to the CBD. We have also had facility upgrades and as a result, have more of our community using the site. Whilst we have never had any issues, we feel it is prudent to safeguard both our students, staff, the general public and our buildings and assets with the installation of CCTV.

The purposes of having CCTV installed are:

● To protect students, staff, volunteers, visitors and members of the public with regard to their personal safety.

● To protect the School buildings and equipment, and the personal property of students, staff, volunteers, visitors, and members of the public.

● To support the police and community in preventing and detecting crime and assist in the identification and apprehension of offenders.

● To monitor the security and integrity of the School site and deliveries and arrivals.

● To monitor contractors when carrying out work duties.

● To monitor and uphold, when necessary, behaviour expectations among all members of our school community in line with the relevant Codes of Conduct/ Behaviour Policies/Health and Safety policy etc.

All cameras are fixed and are in plain sight on the school premises. The cameras and areas covered are listed here:

1. The main archway on Cobden Street, overlooking the entrance to the school and entrance to the students’ toilets.

2. On the corner of St Hilda’s on Cobden Street, cityside, looking towards main door entrance.

3. On the corner of St Hilda’s on Royal Terrace end, on the corner of the gym looking down taking in the bins and side entrance to the gym.

4. On Geraldine House, overlooking the lower quad and both entrances to the gym.

5. At the corner of the Arts Building overlooking the artificial turf and taking in the entrances to the Arts Building.

6. On the corner of the Arts’ building overlooking the entrance to the school carpark where the school van is parked.

The school does not use CCTV for covert monitoring or monitoring of private property outside the school grounds.

The installation and use of CCTV is governed by a legal policy. The link to the policy can be found under the 'School Policies' tab of our website - see here.

Students will be informed of the CCTV camera installation too.

Nga Mihi, 

Helen Almey