by Isla Huffadine

Physical Education and Health Department

Year 7 Physical Education

The year 7 group have been working on team building and working together (like our school values Be You and Better Together). This is through the forms of games, team work activities, trust exercises and physical activity. It has also been a good chance for me to get to know the students and their individual needs. 

In our 7FIT module, we have been working on building cardio fitness, through forms of circuit classes, and also trying some SHCS Fitness Tests. We even had one of our students break the current year 7 prone hold record - Charlotte Watkins with a time of 5.02! - Cadyne Geary

Year 8 Physical Education

Year 8 P.E started off with a focus on teamwork and social responsibility. We have now started looking at modified versions of international sports, including Sepak Takraw and kabaddi.

Our module for the girls this term has been swimming. This module is focussed on endurance and building up a good swimming base. The aim here is to simply improve their swimming fitness. - Nigel St Louis

Year 9 Physical Education

For the year 9s, we have been looking at social responsibility. The main focus was around athletics themes, now moving into sport education, taking turns modeling team roles such as the coach, equipment manager and captain. 

The swimming module focus this term has been around safety. Students have been learning about safety techniques and what it might be like to be in an unfavorable situation on the water. This helps to raise their awareness around their abilities and limitations in various circumstances.

For the gymnastics module, we have been building our skills necessary for developing gymnastics floor routines. This includes group statics and balances, mat skills, beam/vault work and prop manipulation with hoops/ribbons. All of this will combine into beautiful gymnastics floor routines, which the students are currently working on.

The fitness module is the third rotation, with lessons where we look into benefits of exercise and short/long term effects. We have covered circuit training, specific muscle groups and fitness testing. - Shannon McNatty

Year 10 Physical Education

The Year 10 students have been learning about what's involved in adaptive sports and having a go at a wide range of these activities. This has enabled the class to develop a sense of understanding and awe of some of the skills of the paralympians. The unit will culminate with a couple of sessions playing wheelchair basketball at the Edgar centre. - Nigel St Louis, Shannon McNatty, Monique Grant

Image by: Isla Huffadine

Year 11 Physical Education

Our two Year 11 classes have started 2 internals, focussing on participation in physical activity and looking at Generation Z. Students have participated in a wide variety of sports and activities, having to show reflection on what they have been involved in. Our most recent adventure was to the Dunedin Central Skatepark. - Monique Grant

Image by: Isla Huffadine

Year 12 Physical Education

The Year 12 group completed their trip away to the Abel Tasman, enjoying the stunning scenery and creating many memories. They have recently finished their first achievement standard, focussed on understanding group processes. The class is now revising anatomy and physiology to apply to skill learning. - Shannon McNatty

Year 13 Physical Education

Our Year 13 P.E class visited Murchison earlier on in the term. Here they partook in White Water Kayaking across the course of the week. An enormous effort was shown by everyone, with some physically, mentally and emotionally challenging situations. Students are training towards their Aquathlon happening in Term 2. - Monique Grant

Image by: Isla Huffadine

Y12 Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education students started the year with general outdoor activities throughout Dunedin. There was a focus on kayaking techniques and practice, as they prepared for the Abel Tasman trip. To finish off the term, we got involved with some Waka Ama and surfing. - Nigel St Louis and Brigitte Bradfield

Year 9 Health

During Term 1 the focus for Year 9 Health has been on the emotional and intellectual processes of growth. We have been relating these to features of adolescent development and effective self-management strategies. Students have been encouraged to identify issues associated with adolescence and describe options to achieve positive outcomes, with a particular focus on emotional literacy. - Shannon Prentice

Year 10 Health

Students have been working on identifying 'signposts' in their young lives and when they begin to change our course. Students created their own games, focussed on younger generations, helping them to make good decisions and allow putting these decisions into action through game play. We have also been lucky enough to have the Mates and Dates programme in class. This programme builds students' understanding on consent, sexuality and keeping themselves safe. The students are thoroughly enjoying the programme, led by facilitators Calla and Keegan. - Cadyne Geary

Year 11 Health

Students started their module with focusing on gratitude and mindfulness. We have explored different areas of sexual health, with Dr Zuzana Wheeler visiting us to share her expertise in this area. These health sessions have had a great deal of student lead input, allowing us to deliver sessions that are real, needed and applicable to our students. - Monique Grant

Year 12 Health

Year 12 students have been exploring gender stereotypes and the effect of media on young women. We watched 'Embrace', a powerful documentary on the societal influences on women. Students used information from this to determine their own life goals and how they can empower themselves. Students were also exploring sexual health with Dr Zuzana Wheeler through 2 integrated sessions. - Cadyne Geary