Molly Loe by Isla Huffadine

Meet the Prefects

Molly Loe - Head Boarder

Before moving to the big smoke of Dunedin as a boarder at Tolcarne, I called Weston my main place of residence. Weston is a small town just out of Oamaru and it’s a pretty cool place to say the least. Canterbury born and bred, I am originally from Christchurch, but throughout my years I have moved down the South Island, pit stopping in South Canterbury for a couple of years, and now, settling for North Otago. I come from a rural background, practically growing up with sheep, so coming to Tolcarne was a bit of a shock to the system and a wake-up call into the high school years.

Weston School was where I started my primary education,  learning important lessons that I have carried with me throughout high school and will continue with in the future. I was given my fair share of opportunities there and am grateful for these stepping stones they laid as I grew up.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I was given two brothers to grow up with; William and Angus. Both younger than me and constantly willing to take every chance to annoy their older sister! Growing up, we all played sport. Myself, a keen netballer, turned hockey player, and William and Angus, typical rural rugby players and later, cricketers, rowers, runners, and hockey players. I don’t know what looked appealing about a sport where one player had the opportunity to hurl a rock-like ball at an opponent, but something did. I found cricket was something that I enjoyed, starting to play with the boys in club and representative teams for North Otago. Very few girls were keen on cricket and who was to blame them! But soon enough, Weston Primary had their own girls team and the opportunities for me grew from there. 

I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to play age-group representative hockey and cricket, for North Otago, Dunedin, Southern, and Otago. I am also proud to have pulled on the cricket jersey for the Otago Sparks and more recently, the New Zealand U19 team. Another privilege I have is being a member of the St Hilda’s Hockey XI and Cricket XI.

I am a pretty organised person, but to say that my future after high school is organised would be a blatant lie. I struggle to decide what to wear most days, let alone what I want to do after school! My dad is a stock agent for Rural Livestock and I usually jump at every opportunity to join him during the holidays down at the Balclutha Sale Yards, drafting cattle and penning sheep up. Something similar to this is what I would love to be involved in, as I know I have interest in this field. Potentially something at Lincoln ie. BiComAg is on the cards at the moment, but definitely isn’t set in stone. Everyone always asks, but to be fair I don’t think it’s a bad thing that I don’t know what to do, especially considering the world at the moment!

As one of the Head Boarders, I work alongside Latasha Hastie. Our aim is to build and maintain a sisterhood within the hostel, throughout the different year groups. I think that is important for the year groups to interact with each other, as it creates a more welcoming vibe throughout the hostel. As a Year 9 coming into the boarding lifestyle, it can be quite intimidating having seniors walking around, so we want to establish an environment where the juniors and seniors are as one. Both Tash and I have a great team around us and we can’t wait to see what the year will bring up at Tolcarne.