by Rachael Parker

Hip Hop and Aerobics Regionals

In the weekend over 70 athletes competed at the NZCAF Regional Hip Hop & Aerobics competition.Our Hip Hop crews (Purpose, Intensity, Dynasty, Elusive, Vivid) all competed here at St Hilda's Collegiate via online entries. They performed to close friends and whānau.Our Aerobics athletes (43) competed in Invercargill while some performed here at St Hilda's Collegiate via online entries.

We were super impressed by the hard work, dedication and resilience of these teams.

Aerobics Results:

Dancing Queens (Bella Devereux, Gabi Horo, Branwen Jones, Maia Lamb, Isabella Tierney, Emily Sutton, Izzy Johnston)- 1st & Artistic Trophy (Fitness Teams)

Libby Challis, Maia Taylor & Lucy Hilgeholt-Martyn - 2nd (Novice teams)

Libby Challis - 3rd (Novice Individual)

Trinity Maydon - 3rd (FISAF Senior Women)
Zara Geddes - 2nd (Junior Open Novice individual)

Chloe Woodhouse - 1st (Junior Open individual)

Sofia Johnston - 2nd (Junior Open Individual)

Chloe Woodhouse & Sofia Johnston - 1st, Aerobic Excellence (Secondary Teams)

Emily Sutton - 3rd (Senior Open Novice individual)

Rylee May - 1st (Senior open novice individual)

Maia Lamb - 3rd (Senior Open individual)

Sophie Lloyd & Leisel Tolson - 2nd (Intermediate Teams)

All 5 Hip Hop teams were nominated for national qualifiers!