Benchmark Examinations - Week 8/9

Our 2020 Benchmark examinations will be held in Week 8 and 9 (10th September – 16th September). On the 17th September only the Year 11 students will have their maths examination (MCAT) and all other girls will be back to timetabled classes. Your daughter will need to attend examinations at the day and time given on the timetable they have. When she does not have an examination this time is for study, which can be done at home/hostel. The girls are welcome to come into school to study but will need to be aware the normal junior school programme will continue. Girls are not required to wear uniform during Examination Week.

These examinations provide an indicator of your daughter’s progress. They may also have to be used to gain information for derived grades should your daughter not be able to sit an examination(s) in November. As these derived grades must reflect the standard, authenticity and conditions of the national examinations our benchmarks must follow the same process. Students who are not present for the benchmark examinations may not be able to obtain derived grades should an issue arise in November.

Catch ups under examination conditions will be offered to students on a case-by-case basis, but will fall into the following broad categories which follow NZQA rules:

Illness – doctor’s certificate required

Medical procedure that cannot be rescheduled – verification required

School related activity


An appointment that could be altered

Leaving early for the weekend or on holiday – as these will place derived grade status at risk

NZQA expect that these will be run in the same manner as the end of year examinations so the following rules will apply:

1. Clear see through water bottles

2. No food/lollies

3. No reading material to occupy you if you finish early

4. Emergency pack placed under your seat during the examination – cell phones switched off

5. Must ask permission from the supervisor to use the bathroom (one person from a room at a time)

6. Only take into the exam the stationery you need for that exam e.g. if you don’t need a calculator or coloured pencils, leave these out

7. Bags and non exam materials are to be left OUTSIDE the exam room (not inside against the back wall etc)

8. All paper will be provided

9. Calculators will be cleared

10. No watches to be worn (can be in the emergency pack)