by Isla Huffadine

Book Week

Book week is off to a fabulous start! Lunchtime activities include photo contests, blackout poetry, and a murder mystery to solve with new clues going up each day. On Thursday we hosted a crime writing workshop with local author Vanda Symon and next week our keen writers will have the opportunity to meet and learn from Kyle Mewburn as well.

Next Tuesday is our Book Week dress up day where your daughter's can come as their favourite character. 

This weekend would be the perfect time to take some pictures for the photo contests:

  • Reading in the Wild: take a photo of yourself reading somewhere unusual.

  • Reading with Pets: snuggle up with your pet and a good book and take a photo.

  • Book Face: find a book with a face or body on the cover and line it up with your own body so it looks like you are bringing the book to life. (Google “book face” for some amazing examples.)

Family members and friends are very welcome to be a part of any of the photos! Be creative and have fun.

All entries are due by 5pm on Tuesday, 23 June and should be emailed to Ms Bouffard at

Some clues from the murder mystery challenge  — Image by: Isla Huffadine