by Isla Huffadine

Additional Orbus Services for School Students

Dear students (and parents of students) catching the bus.

We’ve been working with schools and operators to meet demand since going into level 2. The good news is that we have some dedicated school services to take the pressure off the network for other passengers. Keep up to date on Facebook, or check out the school information page here and which schools we are working with.

The usual dedicated school services will run today and tomorrow, and will exclusively be for schoolchildren:

  • 5D 8:35am Pine Hill to Logan Park High School
  • 6E 3:35pm Logan Park High School to Opoho and Pine Hill
  • 6D 3:05pm Dunedin North Intermediate to Pine Hill
  • 40C 3:15pm MacAndrew Intermediate School, Queens High School and Kings High School to Lookout Point

Regular services that will have an additional dedicated school run:

  • Route 8: 15:20 to St Clair
  • Route 8: 15:05, 15:20 to Normanby (runs as duplicate, starting at 15:05 from Wycolla Ave)
  • Route 77: 15:12 from Dowling Street to Mosgiel
  • Route 77: 15:42 from hub to Mosgiel
  • Route 44/55: 15:10 From East Avenue to Brockville and Halfway Bush
  • Route 14: 15:38 from Logan Park to Port Chalmers
  • Route 18: 7:47 from Portobello; 15:08 to Harington Point

By registering bus students for contact tracing the bus becomes a controlled environment and does NOT require physical distancing.

If students are travelling on other public transport buses not displaying a school bus sign they should adhere to physical distancing guidelines during travel.