by Isla Huffadine

2020 Otago regional Science and Technology Fair

A number of Year 8 students completed projects for the 2020 Otago Science and Technology fair. The time to prepare for these projects was shortened this year by lockdown so the class did a really good job to find projects they could complete in a short space of time. 

This was an opportunity to showcase their scientific thinking and an understanding of the accepted scientific investigative process, as well as their creative and communication skills. The topics investigated were very varied and showcased their individual interests, from Google search algorithms to star gazing to food to sports.

The following girls did particularly well, gaining one or more prizes.

Liesel Tolson: Aurora award, University of Otago - Department of Biochemistry award, NZ Institute of Food Science and Technology award, NZ Institute of Chemistry award

Molly Wagner: Aurora award, University of Otago - Department of Human Nutrition award

Olivia Simmons: University of Otago - Department of Computer Science award, Otago Polytechnic: Bachelor of Information Technology award

Ruby Goodchild: NZ Institute of Physics award, Aurora Award, Dodd-Walls Physics award

Sophie Barker: Aurora award

Sophie Lloyd: School of Physiotherapy - Premiere Award, Aurora award

Alex Barkman: Dodd Walls Physics award, Aurora Excellence in Energy Research, University of Otago - School of Surveying Geospatial Science, Astronomical Society award (which includes a class trip to the observatory)

Estee Farrow: University of Otago - Department of Human Nutrition Award, University of Oatgo Faculty of Dentistry Oral Science Award

Kyla Ashton: University of Otago - School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Science award, Aurora Award, NZ Institute of Physics award

Congratulations on a great effort.

Kathryn Baker - Year 8 Science teacher