Shakespeare Festival

Congratulations to:

Imogen Irvine who has been awarded Best overall design and Shreya Das who has been awarded Most Imaginative Reimagined scene!

As You Like it. Act 3 Scene 5

Student director - Imogen Irvine As You Like it.


Picture yourself in a 1920s’ speakeasy. A smokey haze fills the room. Only the most elegant have found their way in, and Phoebe, who just this afternoon was found milking her cows. Phoebe was adoringly followed in by her, rather annoying, admirer, Silvius; Phoebe preferred her cows; and Ganymede.


Phoebe- Sophia Le

Silvius- Sophie Masters

Ganymede- Emily Dean

Celia- Amelie Warlow

Corin- Stella Bowles

5 Minute Student Directed:

Act 1 Scene 1 and Act 5 Scene 8

Student director by Shreya Das Macbeth

In the Wizarding World, three witches prophesied the death of Magic King, Macbeth, who through his delusions, started assassinatinating innocent wizards. Malcolm, Siward and Ross battle over the rise of Pure-Bloods (woman-borns) over Half-Bloods (cesareans) whilst Macbeth wand-duels with Macduff, ending with his own bloody death by the Unforgivable Curses.


Director: Shreya Das

Macbeth: Stella Bowles - Black and Red Wizard Cape

Macduff: Eliabel Legrand - Black and Blue Wizard Cape

Witch 1: Emily Dean - Black and Purple Witch Hat

Witch 2: Amelie Warlow - Black and Red Witch Hat

Witch 3: Sophie Masters - Black and Green Witch Hat

Siward: Imogen Irvine - Gold Glasses

Malcolm: Tumnise Adebowale - Trench Coat

Ross: Malaika Ogbuehi - Black Wrinkled Wizard Hat