by Isla Huffadine

Tolcarne News

The first week back has flown by, with the girls settling in for another term. It has been lovely to have everyone together and happy to be back with their friends! The biggest highlight for the girls so far has seemed to be the hot lunches they have been getting delivered each lunchtime! Along with various new supper box treats 

Myah, Molly and Grace at supper — Image by: Isla Huffadine

We have also been having some amazing sunrises that the girls are getting to see during breakfast time.

Image by: Isla Huffadine

Take a look at this link, to see a video of some of our girls back at Tolcarne.

Message from Ange;

All year levels are now back in the hostel - it is awesome to have the girls back with us. Each year level has participated in an Alert Level 2 Education programme and they all have a Student Handbook which explains the changes.

The biggest changes for the girls around the hostel are:

1) The dining room protocols (queueing, waiting, hand sanitising, no self service, set meal times) - although they are all loving the hot lunch every day down at school 

2) The social distancing expectations - the girls are struggling with changing their social distancing, however any new behaviour needs a wee bit of practice and we are all having to work at this. (it's been very hard not to hug anyone!)

3) The reduction of movement (only local leave and purposeful leave) and contact tracing during prep. The girls are finding it different not being able to go to as many places and for as long. However each day after school they are able to head out locally and we seem to have a lot more girls keen on running and walking. The boarders will be ready for winter sports when they start up again! 

4) Being unwell at the moment means going home. We all hope this won't be for too long. However right now - we have to focus on providing a safe environment at the hostel for students who are well. We thank you in advance as we appreciate that it may be inconvenient at times to come and collect your daughter from the hostel.

We are reminding the girls that 'we are all in this together' and it won't be for long  It is also important for the girls to focus on the positive stuff right now - being together, Dunedin Sunshine  (although a bit frosty in the mornings), enjoying each other's company and being back at school. 

Image by: Isla Huffadine

With a weekend looming and many of our rural students heading home for duck shooting - please remember to complete the wellness declaration before your daughter returns to the hostel. Have a great weekend