by Isla Huffadine


Touch less contact tracing register - iDMe

This week students and parents were sent an email around our use of the touch free system iDMe. This will provide the school and students to contact trace when the students are in the school facilities after school. It is downloaded on the students phone and they will receive a QR code that will allow them to check in to each school venue.

The 5 venues where this will be required are: the school gym, fitness room, outdoor turf, rugby training and football training. The information will come to our Sportsground registration database which we use for registering many of our sports teams. Our Head of Sport will be the only one that will have access to this information and will only be used if required by the Principal or Ministry of Education. Information here is also only stored for 4 weeks.

Community venues such as the Hockey Turf and Edgar will also be using this system for anyone entering their facilities. If your student does not have a phone or leaves it behind then the coaches are responsible for writing the girls names down for a paper trail as well. If you have any questions on this please contact Mrs Parker