by Judy Maw

Meet the Prefects

Beth Anderson - Head Boarder

Before attending St Hilda’s, I went to Waiwera South Primary School in a small country town just outside of Clinton. Along came 2016 and I started at St Hilda’s as a little year 9 with my kilt half way down to my ankles. I was quite lucky coming into Tolcarne with already knowing quite a few girls so making friends was easy and I knew that I was going to enjoy my highschool years living with some of my best friends.

Life at Tolcarne has been a big part of my journey here at St Hildas. Living with and meeting girls from all around the place is pretty cool when not many other people get to do it. I have also created good relationships with the staff at Tolcarne. They are very understanding and are just like our second mums when it comes to ‘girl stuff’ or just having a chat when we need. Tolcarne has also taught me to be tolerant of others, inclusive and just to go with the flow and not to stress out.

Over the past few years at St Hilda’s I have been grateful for every opportunity that I have been given that I may not have got if I wasn’t boarding. I was lucky enough to be a part of the St Hilda’s rowing team for the past 3 years where I learned many lifelong skills. Particularly, organisation, time management and strength both mentally and physically that has shaped who I am today. Tolcarne also has many great opportunities that I am a part of such as, the Tolcarne Trumpet (hostel newsletter) and the Tolcarne Council.

Life after St Hilda’s and Tolcarne can be a very scary thought especially when you start getting the question “what are you thinking of doing next year?”. For next year, I am pretty set at staying in Dunedin and doing a double degree in a Bachelor of Arts and Commerce studying Marketing and Psychology. However, I am open to the option of going to Lincoln and doing Land and Property Management if plans change.

As Head Boarder, I am continually learning more about leadership and how to put it into play within the school community. I am loving being in the position and everything that comes with it. I especially enjoy having Danielle alongside me as I feel we are a great team and I’m excited to see what this year can bring!.