Molly Marsh by Isla Huffadine

Meet the Prefects

Molly Marsh - Head Girl

I grew up in a little town called Ettrick and attended Millers Flat Primary School that had a total roll of 30 kids. I only ever had one other person in my year group so coming to St Hilda’s with around 90 girls in year 9 was a big change and very exciting.

Looking back I have realised that actually being at such a small primary school taught me some things that potentially not everyone would be exposed to in the same way. I thank little ole Millers Flat School for teaching me important values that set me up well for high school.

I had always wanted to go to boarding school, the idea of having a “girly” sleepover every school night seemed quite exciting. By the time 2016 came, I was more than ready for what friendships, challenges, opportunities and experiences that awaited me at 12 Tolcarne Ave and of course 2 Cobden St, Dunedin. Now 4 years down the track, boy has there been friendships, challenges, opportunities and experiences that I will cherish and remember forever. I still love the “girly” sleepovers every school night!

I came to St Hilda’s with a netball and tennis background and since being here I have experienced a range of atmospheres from social giggly basketball on a Friday night to the highly competitive and disciplined rowing scene and also continuing my love of netball, this year being in the Senior A team.

Each environment has provided different opportunities to grow and learn new skills, interact with different groups of girls, and people, learning to work hard not only for myself but for my teammates and realising that it's not always about being the best, it's about enjoying what you are doing and doing your best.

I have always had an appreciation for colour, beauty, style and creativity. St Hilda’s has been the perfect place to nurture my creative streak whether that’s been supporting me when things are in a complete mess and everywhere, or when I am totally organised and aiming for perfection.

I try to make everything look pretty. From sticking glittery tape around my gluestick to colour coordinating every single one of my school internals! Creating something you are proud of is a really rewarding process and makes all the hard mahi totally worth it! I got the biggest thrill out of a dress that I made for a friend to wear to formal last year. She totally rocked it!

Next year I am thinking of studying Fashion Design. I have a love of clothes and my ultimate dream would be to be the next Karen Walker or Georgia Curry. I realise I’m aiming high and shooting for the moon with those fashion icons in mind, but if I can’t reach the moon, hopefully, I’ll still be among the stars!

This year I get to design the 2020 leavers kit, it will be my first collection! I’m not sure how I will cope with a limited colour palette and no pink!

Being appointed head girl this year was an honour. I have always had huge respect for girls before me in this role, and being given this opportunity I felt and still feel very humbled.

I am thankful and privileged to be working alongside Emma. We are very fortunate to have such a driven and special prefect team along with the year 13 cohort. I couldn’t think of a better bunch of young women to be the leaders of our school in such a crazy year.

Lockdown posed its challenges for the prefect team but it didn’t stop us from keeping everyone connected. My personal favourite was putting together the parliament press conference inspired safety video to welcome the girls back to school after level 2.

Since being back, my favourite prefect initiative was launching Radio Hildas as part of NZ music month. Girls can listen to various playlists created by us. We now have 152 people following Radio Hildas on Spotify!

For the current students at St Hilda’s my advice would be “don’t be afraid to do what you love”. Trying to be brave enough to be your honest self and pursuing what you love will bring out the best in you. You will truly sparkle.