Kyle sharing some great writing ideas by Judy Maw

Writing Workshops

During book week, two local writers came to share their hints and tips on becoming good writers and generating content.

 Vanda Symon took us through how to plan and plot the perfect crime. From character to the catalyst, to setting and the ‘ event’, we were immersed in murder and mayhem and produced some murderous flash fiction.

Kyle Mewburn’s worship focused on characters. We were challenged by a picture we chose - that was our mirror, that was ‘us’. And ‘we’ had to consider our wishes, and dreams, the setting that emulated us, an interaction that further cemented who ‘we’ were. Then we were dropped into a genre! The writing had to immediately show to the reader in the first line, what that genre was. It was confronting and outside our comfort zone, but as a writer who writes for children while professing not to like them, Kyle pointed out that doing that as a writer could be freeing and richly creative.

Thank you to Carrie Bouffard for organising such personable, entertaining and knowledgeable writers for the students. 

Girls busy working on their writing in Kyle's writing workshop — Image by: Judy Maw