by Judy Maw

St Hilda's Enviro Club

Enviro Club Supermarket Bags

St Hilda’s Enviro Club comprises of around 25 girls who have a genuine interest in supporting a sustainable environment. 

 As a result of a lot of local and international news about the environment in the media, we decided on a super positive initiative to address the stopping of single use plastic bags. We have arranged for the production of beautiful environmentally friendly bags to sell to our awesome St Hilda's community at a cost of $12 each, all profits will be returned to the Enviro Club for future activities. 

 This means that you could support our Enviro Club and our environment, but at the same time you could also promote St Hilda's when you're out and about. If you would like to help us out, please check out the poster below for further details.

Thanks so much for your support!

Madeline Bilkey, Riley Miller and the rest of the Enviro Club