by Isla Huffadine

Year 12 Food Technology

Last week on Monday, the Year 12 Food Technology class had a visit from Good Good Burger. The aim of the visit was to discuss manufacturing, but to our surprise the Good Good team sprung a burger challenge on us.

The team of Ashley (owner), Paige and Kate (assistant managers) demonstrated the burger making process to the class, giving tips on how to achieve consistent results. Next the class had their turn, making a burger each that would be judged by the Good Good team. At the end of the exercise there were three burgers that rose to the top, they received a voucher each for a free burger!

Image by: Isla Huffadine

The Year 12 Food class gained valuable knowledge from this experience which they applied to the current assessment. The class was very grateful to have this opportunity and enjoyed discussing ideas with the Good Good team.

If you are interested in trying out Good Good burger for yourself they are located at 22 Vogel Street. Be sure to take your student ID as you will receive free fries with any burger purchase.

Paige, Ashley, Kate - Good Good Burger — Image by: Isla Huffadine