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Weekly News Term 2 Week 4

Dear Parents and Caregivers

We have recently received more detailed information on what Alert Level 2 will look like for schools and we are busy planning and preparing to have our students and staff back on site. Once we have a timeline for being able to open under Alert Level 2, we will get all the relevant information out to you in a separate email as soon as we can, so all our families have an understanding of how the Ministries of Health and Education expectations will be implemented at St Hilda’s.

While the past few weeks have been a time of disruption, we are also confident that the focus on appropriate, relevant and engaging learning has assisted staff and students to stay connected and keep progressing with their learning, even if it has been slightly unconventional.

As we look to being back together for Term 2, I would also like to notify you of the following Staff changes. We have made the following appointments/placements.

Mr Bevan Ingram and Ms Marion Goodwin will be sharing Mrs McLanachan's Maths classes from mid May onwards. Both Mr Ingram and Ms Goodwin are Maths specialists and are regular relievers in the school. Mrs Bradfield will take over the Yr 11 Dean role in Mrs McLanachan’s absence and Mr Ingram will pick up her Yr 10 Social Studies class for the rest of the year.

We wish Mrs McLanachan all the best for her maternity leave and the arrival of the new baby.

We also wish Mrs Coutts all the best for the exciting new phase of her life as she goes on her maternity leave, which also starts shortly. Mr St Louis will teach the Outdoor Education component of Mrs Coutts’ classes, and take some of the PE classes as well. Mrs Monique Grant will take Yr 7 Sci, and some of Mrs Coutts’ PE/Health classes. Mrs Grant has taught previously in England and Canterbury, and has recently moved back to Dunedin after being on maternity leave.

Mrs Kirsty Dutton has started work as the new Principal’s Executive Assistant. I would like to formally thank Ms Isla Huffadine who has been an enthusiastic, professional and very capable stand in while the recruitment process was undertaken. Ms Huffadine will continue with 10 hours administration per week with a focus on our newsletters, website and general administration.

We are excited about getting to a ’new normal’ that allows us to enjoy the connections and special character of St Hilda’s in a more tangible way and look forward with confidence to a rewarding and productive Term 2 2020.

Jackie Barron


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