School Sport Update

Here is a brief update on winter sports and upcoming tournaments:

Winter Sports:  No team or contact sports are able to resume play until Alert Level 1.  Teams will be able to prepare for play during Alert 2, however these must be non contact, distancing hygiene procedures must be adhered to.  There are a lot of conversations and scenarios of what winter sport will look like and how we can get back up and running, so we continue to wait and there is still on going work from the Ministry and Sport NZ on the rules around sport so it's a very changeable environment. Netball and Hockey have released a survey to get feedback from players and officials on what the season could look like, these should've been sent to girls emails.

NZ Secondary School Sport Tournaments:  All scheduled tournaments have been suspended or cancelled up to 20th July.  There are some that may look at later dates or offering a different format of the tournament.  Winter Tournament Week is still being discussed by the organisation bodies.  A call on this will be made in June however it is likely that most will either be cancelled or formats changed depending on restrictions at the current time.  NZ Football have announced all cancellations of tournaments including winter tournament nationals.

Below is the link for you to see the current tournament schedule and what has been cancelled and suspended, the table from Sport NZ is also attached.

We will update any changes as they come in.

Congratulations to the following rowers who were nominated for an Otago Rowing Award this year. A great achievement for our novices. 

2020 Otago Rower of the Year awards | Congratulations to all of the nominees for your outstanding performances and contributions to rowing this year. We admire and applaud your dedication, inspiration and commitment!

Award nominees:

Crew of the Year
• St Hilda Junior Team (North End)
Crew: Christy Foster, Kate Beaton, Elsie Burnside, Peta Ericsson, Pippa Fulton, Laura Ring, Olivia Ollerenshaw, Lucy Taylor, Lucy Wright, Hannah Lawrence (cox).
Female School Rower
• Christy Foster, St Hilda's (North End)
Novice Crew
• St Hilda Junior Team, St Hilda’s (North End)
Crew: Pippa Fulton, Kate Beaton, Elsie Burnside, Peta Ericsson, Laura Ring, Olivia Ollerenshaw, Lucy Taylor, Lucy Wright, Hannah Lawrence (cox).
Coxswain of the Year
• Hannah Lawrence, St Hilda’s (North End)