by Judy Maw


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During this time of uncertainty many of our young people are feeling powerless. According to the experts at Hey Sigmund "there will be so much that will be feeling out of their control during social isolation – assessment uncertainty, the loss of sporting or extra-curricular events, the loss of time with friends. Let them have choices wherever you can, even with the things you might have held onto control of a little tighter before now. If something feels important to them, and if the outcome isn’t terrible, think about handing it over to them." Click here to read the full article.

Coronavirus, and all of the byproducts of it, has affected everyone differently. But for kids, a common theme has been loss. Click here to read the article "How coronavirus robbed our kids — and how to help them cope with the losses" from for advice about how to support your kids during this unique time.

Image by: Judy Maw

Thinkladder is a New Zealand based startup working on providing wellness tools. Right now they have turned their attention to working on specific insights and practices for those suffering due to Covid19. So far they have contributions from over 50 mental wellness professionals around the world. Download the app from the App Store.

Image by: Judy Maw