by Sharon Ritchie

2023 Course Selection

The Junior and Senior Academic Programmes for 2023 have been released online today.

The 2023 Junior and Senior Academic Programme has been released online for students 2023 Course Selection.

The Academic Programme can be accessed via the St Hilda’s website and the links below. Entering students 2023 subject choices can be made through the link in the online Academic Programme or via the Kamar Portal. Please get in touch with the school office in the first instance if you have forgotten your log-in details sent at at the beginning of the year.

Year 10 Subject Choices for 2023 

Junior Academic Programme
Opens 3pm Friday 09 September 2022
Closes 3pm Thursday 16 September 2022

Year 11 - 13 Subject Choices for 2023 

2023 Senior Academic Programme
Opens 3pm Friday 19 August 2022
Closes 3pm Friday 02 September 2022

Resources to assist in the decision making process and career pathway exploration have been gathered together in an online 'Virtual Careers Week' site. Students and families are encouraged to take a few moments to explore and share the resources the site contains. Students will be supported by their Whānau teacher to explore the contents of the Academic Programme and Online Career Resources alongside discussions around their choices.

If you would like to discuss your daughters subject choices, please contact the Whānau teacher in the first instance. The Year Level Dean is also available to talk through possible choices. If you have any other queries unable to be answered by Whanau teachers or Year Level Dean’s, Mrs Ritchie and Mrs Maw are available for appointments either in person or via Zoom.