by Isla Huffadine

Chapel Matters

This week I have been thinking about the story of Tārore. She lived in the 1800s and was from the Waikato, from the Ngati Haua Tribe, and is commemorated every year in the Anglican church calendar.

Her story can provide hope for us when hard things happen. She was only 12 years old when she was tragically killed by a warrior from another tribe. Around her neck was a kete with a small Gospel of Luke in te reo Māori, which she had read to her father who had also become a Christian. The warrior who killed her took the little kete and when he later read the Gospel he sought out her father and asked for forgiveness. Instead of revenge, her father forgave the warrior and there was reconciliation between the two tribes.

Her story is all about forgiveness for our mistakes, forgiving others for their mistakes, and about the peace and healing that can come from God, as seen in the story of Jesus found in the Gospels.

If you don’t know her story, check out this website. They even have a free book about her story (which also comes with the Gospel of Luke) which you can order!